Since Facebook now forces users to crop profile photos to a square, it breaks photography composition rules and editing that I have attempted to provide, not to mention the watermark (photo credit) gets chopped off most of the time as well.  I am no Ansel Adams, but I sure do like the credit when I can get it! :)

Even though it is not illegal for you to crop one of my photos, if you take a couple of steps to keep the watermark, it will make my day!  I even give huge props for those that link back to my website or facebook page!

Below are some super easy steps to follow in order to do what us photographers love you to do.  Thanks in advance for your help in promoting my photography!

How do I add or change my profile picture (from the computer)?

Your profile picture helps people recognize you on Facebook. To add a profile picture or change your current profile picture:

  1. Go to your timeline and hover over your profile picture.
  2. Click on the to edit your picture.
  3. Choose whether you want to:
    - Pick a photo you already uploaded to Facebook
    - Upload a new photo
    - Edit your thumbnail
    - Remove your current photo

You can use any of the photos you've uploaded to Facebook as your profile picture. You can also use photos your friends upload, if you're tagged in them. Just find the photo you want to use and:

  1. Hover over the photo and select Options.
  2. Click Make Profile Picture from the menu.
  3. Fully crop the photo (not just the face) and ensure watermark is present.
  4. If a watermark is not present, feel free to link back to or so that credit is given.
  5. Click Done Cropping below the photo to finish making this your new profile picture.
  6. Now go to your timeline and hover over your profile photo. You will notice an edit icon that pops up. Click it and now drag the photo to be cropped as you desire to be shown.  Dont forget to click Save! 
  7. Your face will be the highlight and the watermark will be gone. But once a visitor clicks on it, the watermark and full photo will be there.  Walla!

Note: Your current profile picture is Public

Here is an instructional video on how to add a photo without cropping watermark.
(Note: Disregard the 180 pixel comment, just leave the photo the natural size it already is)

Subject Credit: Taken and slightly modified from the Facebook help screen -

How do I add or change my profile picture (from the facebook app on your phone, without watermark)
Please refrain until you can get to a computer.  The Facebook application wont allow a full crop of the photo and it wont allow you to go back and edit the photo.  If you must, at least plan to go back to the photo once you get to a computer and state "Photo by" or "Photo by" in the description (not in the comments).  Thanks!