When deciding on a location for your photo shoot, there are many things that may come to mind.  This page is to help you with your decision with some suggested locations based on your taste.  I have photographed at each of these locations listed and understand where the best scenic backdrops are to get a great photograph for you and/or your family.

Please note, I can likely incorporate any location of your choice, even if it is not on this list. 


  • Briarcliff pond (scenic, water, fountain, green space, paths)
  • Riverside Waterfall (pond, waterfall, rock, bridge, paths)
  • English Landing - Parkville (shops, pedestrian bridge, rocks, green space, river, baseball field, playground)
  • Park University campus
  • Seven Bridges - Platte City (rock walkway, green space, waterfall)
  • Hodge Park (restrictions apply, old houses, barn, rocks, trees, green space)
  • William Jewell College campus
  • Smithville Lake area
  • Weston Bend State park
  • Weston MO (shops, wineries, quaint areas)

Metro Area

  • River Market (pedestrian bridge, brick buildings, light warehouse)
  • West Bottoms (industrial, graffiti, dock doors,
  • KAW Input area (cityscape, river, water, trees)
  • Crossroads (artsy, graffiti, alleys, brick, pedestrian bridge)
  • Kauffman Center for Performing Arts
  • Power and Light area (contemporary, shops, buildings)
  • The Jones Pool (restrictions apply, greenspace, train car, tall grass, pool)
  • Liberty Memorial (outside only)
  • Union Station (outside only)
  • KC Scout (cityscape)
  • Crown Center (outside only)
  • Plaza area (pedestrian bridge, shops, streets, garages, Brush Creek)
  • Loose Park (bridges, pond, fountain, playground)
  • Kauffman Gardens (flowers, fountain, rock, brick trails)
  • Nelson Atkins Museum (outside only)

Johnson County

  • Legler Barn Museum (outside only, barn, pedestrian bridges, pond, green space, trees)
  • Shawnee Mission Park (greenspace, pond, lake, trees)
  • Lake Lenexa / Black Hoof Park (pedestrian bridges, pond, green space, trees)
  • Overland Park parks, including Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens (additional fees and restrictions involved).